Never-Ending Desire for Drugs and Alcohol – The Great Lie


One of the most common destructive all-or-nothing thoughts that exist is the idea that the objects of your desire (the things, activities and goals that you find have value to you) that exist in your mind today will also be the objects of desire for tomorrow and the days after that. A good example of this all-or-nothing attitude is the thought that you will always love to get high (or drunk), and that your emotional attachment to these substances will be just as strong a year from now as it is today – maybe even stronger. This inflexible thought makes the assumption that your future desires and goals will never change. This logic goes further. It stands that the consequences of your substance use lifestyle will continue to mount and that the only solution to those mounting costs is to run and use some more. The circular logic of those who are willing to stay inflexible in this “known risk stage” of life keeps them treading exhausted on their self-created hamster wheel. So you can see that being inflexible or unwilling to see other wants and desires in your future can be very limiting and ultimately sad and emotionally crippling.

But is this self-scripted talk logical? Is it absolute that the desires of today will be the desires of tomorrow? Are we doomed to love only those activities we have loved in the past? Is it an absolute truth that you will always love getting high or drunk? Is it absolute that the joy you once found in heroin, or crack, or whiskey will be the joy you find in it a year or two from now? The answer is no, and there is a reason we can be so sure about this. The reason? We live in a Universe based on certain unbreakable principles.

Throughout our articles we will be pointing to these very powerful principles. We call them the Four Universal Principles and they are what form the foundation of the environment we humans dwell in.

The  Four Universal Principles (Axioms) are:


1.       Change is constant.

2.       You are what you think.

3.       There is no free lunch.

4.       Your happiness is in your hands.

For now we will reference Universal Principle Number One: Change is a constant. Again, this principle is a fundamental truth. It is beyond our ability to alter, manipulate or buck. In short, we cannot stop change. Change will land in our lap no matter what. Even if we decide to not accept that fact and we attempt to skirt its power, we will come to the realization that this attitude is futile. People will die when we don’t want them to, seasons will change (and it might even rain on our wedding day), and our wants and desires will change too. For some, the changes come slower, the maturation process just creeps along; but regardless, external changes in our environment are naturally already pushing and forcing us to adapt all the time.

So you see, this principle of never-ending change is occurring all over, in and through our lives. While we may choose to live in a low-risk scenario, we cannot hide from change completely. The external changes, even at their base levels, force us to search our environments for happiness and comfort. We cannot avoid hunger, the desire for love, the relief from boredom, the need for accomplishment. These annoyances will find us in an ever changing, moving Universe. If we don’t eat, hunger will nag. If we don’t mate, lust and the desire for companionship will find us, if we sit idle all day, we will feel boredom and depression creep in, and if we have no mission in life, anxiety for that mission will find us as well. So while we may believe that using substances is today the end all-be all, tomorrow the consequences of that usage may nag so much that they will become less appetizing. The Universe shifted, and your motives for use will as well. The question is how well you listen to the changes that are occurring, and how flexible you can be in adapting to it.

Of course the influence of our free will and our choices on the environment and circumstances we find ourselves in are quite powerful as well! We can choose to remain inflexible to a changing Universe, and we can also choose to become blind to the vast array of opportunities that are forever present in our changing environments. But, this unwillingness to adapt to the many changes that are occurring around us, this sticking our heads in the sand to the challenges we must address daily, is a major cause of depression, anxiety and simple unhappiness. Remember, the Universe plays no favorites, and change is a constant! It is unavoidable. Should you be someone who decides to remain inflexible in your thinking skills, you will find life is much more difficult than need be because the changes around you will pile up.

The Desire for Drugs and Alcohol can Diminish

Knowing that the world is evolving as you read this, and that others are moving on in productive ways, are you willing to accept the simple possibility that your desire for substances may also change in time? Maybe you can be like millions of others before you that saw the world changing around them and then jumped on that train to a much better place. Maybe, the desires you have today will not be the desires you will have tomorrow. Try to remember, you do not watch the same shows on TV you watched when you were ten, you do not eat all the same foods you ate even a year ago, you do not ask for the same gifts every year at Christmas…so you do have the capacity for change. So, is it really that difficult to be willing to think that possibly your desire to get drunk and/or high may change as well?

While you may believe that your love for substances today is a fact of life, it need not be that way tomorrow or the day after. Again, people change, just as the Universe changes and develops in time. Not only do you have the capacity to become willing to adapt to the changes around you, but you can be a powerful force for change once you embrace the power of this concept fully. You can direct the changes; you can be a pro-active changer. You can become exactly who you want to be. That is what CBL is all about; to be a force for personal change. To truly apply CBL in your life means to apply the power of freewill, desire, and love and make each of these immense forces within you grow.

Let’s look at this in a context you understand already. Ultimately, we use substances to feel good, to feel better, to feel relief. If there was a way to accomplish all of those things, AND not pay a negative price for it, wouldn’t you do it? Well, that is what we are going to show you throughout these various articles. We will present reality (the very thing so many humans are frightened of) in a light that is so obviously beneficial to you, that you will naturally accept and embrace it. Then, you will be able to be a force for change, and you will finally begin to really understand just how powerful a being you are, and just how small “addiction” really is.




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